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In this training we will be talking about monthly flea and tick prevention, heartworm disease, intestinal parasites, and how to best pick the products for your pet.

Rule of thumb: The Same Day. Every Month. Year Round. For Life.

Deworming, and preventing parasites is a big concern for many but it can be overwhelming. I will be talking about popular products, and what NOT to use as well. If you need help, this is for YOU!!!

Our pets are at risk for:





~Fleas and Ticks





.............And many MORE!!!!!!!!

Do you know what a zoonotic disease is? It's a disease or infection an animal can have, that then infects a human. No thank you!! I do not want parasites! Or BUGS! I also explain who is at higher risk of contracting the diseases, and WHY pregnant women should never touch feces.

As a pet owner, you must protect them, and yourself. And not just your pets, but the water supplies, and environment where you live. Many parasite eggs can live FOR DECADES in the soil, so it is vital to the health of those around you to use prevention!! Who knows what is lurking in your yard, or where you go. A fenced in yard will not protect you from mosquitos, fleas or any parasite!

As an RVT, I want to educate pet owners the proper way, because there are SO MANY TOXIC AND UNSAFE products, and advice out there!!

So let's be a partner in your pet's health and get started on the right prevention for your pets.

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